Both new and upgrade projects require a thorough planning and needs analysis phase, which will ultimately determine the value add of the implemented solution. In order for the conceptualisation phase of a project to be effective, input is required from all the key stakeholders within the client’s organization.

Oculus considers the conceptualisation of the control room as the most crucial and critical aspect in the design process. Due to the lifespan of a control room, typically 15 – 20 years, it is imperative that the conceptual phase reviews the various design aspects in order to eliminate poor design issues that are impossible to rectify post-installation.

The detailed design phase of the process details all aspects of the design to enable the construction of the project.  Detail design is performed using CAD tools, computer models and dedicated tools for the various aspects of design.

This phase comprises the supply and installation of the control room equipment. Typically, the supply & installation of a control room upgrade is executed during the continuous operation of the plant, therefore extensive project management and co-ordination is vital for successful execution.

The successful execution of projects relies on a professional project management approach.  Oculus provides services covering project management, planning and scheduling of the project.