SmartTrac Video Editing & Broadcast Consoles

A Smart Trac control console system with multiple monitors, configured for a single operator. The monitors are movable by means of articulating arms that are attached to a rear-mounted aluminium extrusion track. This console system is commonly used in broadcasting, editing and multimedia production environments.

The SmartTrac provides an adjustable workspace honed for the needs of supervisors, engineering, programmers, television, video, audio or multimedia production. Design focused on creating an adaptable platform that can be changed over time as the entity grows or adapts to new technology.

The SmartTrac console is offered as a two-bay version (5-feet wide) or as a three-bay version (7-feet wide). It is constructed with very high grade materials that are designed to last a lifetime. The console countertop has a space age Thermofoil surface available in a variety of designs, including various colours, a contemporary charcoal grey, or several very convincing wood veneers. The surface is extremely durable and is almost impervious to scratching or chipping. Custom tops and finishes are also available.

The “smart” in the SmartTrac name comes from the fact that these consoles, through the integration of a variety of modular components, can be configured for almost any application or operator preference. The two-bay model has two above-counter angled rack turrets with 4RU of equipment space each, and can be resized for various rack mounted equipment. These turrets are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, include EIA standard rack rail and are vented to disperse heat. True to the console’s adaptable nature, each one can be removed if desired and replaced with either a flat countertop “infill” or a drop down “well” for situations in which the monitor viewing angle needs to be very low. This latter option is useful when there are multiple large displays in your control room. Other modular components include leg-mounted adjustable CPU holders, task lamps, iPad holders and telephone mounts.

The “trac” in SmartTrac is based on a rear-mounted aluminum extrusion track which provides a mounting surface for a variety of components including flat panel monitor articulating arms. The arms will hold monitors up to 30-inches (diagonal) and can be positioned anywhere along the track. They can be adjusted for distance, height, swivel and tilt, placing the monitors in any desired position. In addition, speaker stands and a variety of shelving options are available for “trac” mounting.

A unique feature of the SmartTrac console is its height adjustable base, which may be ordered with an electric motor or, an alternative with a manual adjustment. However, the motorized height adjustment has several advantages. Height can be changed with the push of a button, and you can program pre-set height adjustments for different users. The height is infinitely adjustable within a 25-inch to 51-inch range, which accommodates the needs of multiple console users who might wish to either sit or stand.

Importantly, the console also incorporates a generously sized cable enclosure that is integral to the console structure. This provides more than adequate cable management, as well as a defined place to mount power strips and UPS devices. It includes a removable, vented rear door that integrates effectively with the overall design. In addition, the SmartTrac console may be combined with other “Smart” furniture including client/producer tables, and a variety of rack cabinets (aptly called SmartCarts) to configure a total system.