Ergonomics and Needs Analysis

Both new and upgrade projects require a thorough planning and needs analysis phase, which will ultimately determine the value add of the implemented solution. In order for the conceptualisation phase of a project to be effective, input is required from all the key stakeholders within the client’s organization. It is therefore imperative that the conceptualisation team visit the site in order to perform the site survey component. The site survey inputs are recorded and fed into a matrix which has been developed over a period of time and provides feedback on the key areas which need to be addressed during the design phase. It must be noted that the upgrade of a control room will only be successful if there is value added input from the operations personnel.

Further to the site survey, Oculus utilizes the theory of Human Factor Engineering to assess the human interface with the control system and adjacent facilities. An ergonomic study is performed to cover various factors and processes within the control room environment. The output of the study is used as input to the conceptual design. The aim is to improve the interaction of the operator and other staff with their environment, thus improving efficiency, safety and alertness.