ControlTrac Consoles

Control Trac console with trac system and vesa wall mount support.

The ControlTrac console supplies an efficient and functional operations centre for mission critical operations.  ControlTrac is designed using the latest technology, advanced materials and applying ergonomic best practices for the ideal solution.  ControlTrac provides 24/7 operations with a platform which enhances alertness, efficiency and safety. 

The useable display area in the ControlTrac is maximised to supply the operator with clear views to important information.  The monitors are mounted on a Trac based system which allows for full modularity to accept small and large screens.  The monitor arms allow for lateral movement, swing swivel /tilt and cable management which is integrated into the system from monitor arm through to the KVM or PC.  The tension of the monitor arms are adjustable at all joints - ideal for touch screen applications. Mounting is standard VESA mount compatible.

Power Distribution Units are installed within the console to supply the monitors, peripheral equipment and PC’s.

The ControlTrac console can be equipped with above-counter angled rack turrets, sized from 4RU up to 8RU of equipment space each, and can be resized for various rack mounted equipment. These turrets are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, include EIA standard rack rail and are vented to disperse heat. True to the console’s adaptable nature, each one can be removed if desired and replaced with either a flat countertop “infill” or a drop down “well” for situations in which the monitor viewing angle needs to be very low. This latter option is useful when there are multiple large displays in the control room.

ControlTrac consoles are height adjustable, via an electric motor. Height can be changed with the push of a button, and pre-set height adjustments can be programmed for different users.The motorized height adjustment has several advantages such as; safety, health, efficiency and ergonomic best practice.

ControlTrac incorporates the unique ‘Trac’ system which can accept various accessories, including; telephone mounts, task lighting, dedicated peripheral ports, holders for various devices, additional monitors, etc.

ControlTrac has successfully been implemented in various industrial areas, including: Petrochemical, Refining, Power and Water Treatment applications.