How to Ensure Safety and Security: Control Room Conceptual Design

A shopping mall’s control room is where everything is seen and done. It is the brain of the centre. Security guards study footage from the scores of CCTV cameras, which cover the mall and parking lot. It is crucial these operations take place at optimum levels if the scourge of mall robberies across South Africa is to be stopped.

Security Control Room Conceptual Design.

Design process

According to Oculus Innovations, the conceptualisation of the control room is one of the most crucial and critical aspects of the design process.

A control room is expected to be in place for about 15 to 20 years and it is therefore of utmost importance that the conceptual phase reviews the various design aspects in order to eliminate those which aren’t necessary and would be impossible to adjust post installation.

The most important function of this phase is to study the existing control room conditions. In this way the team is able to focus on the items which have proven not to work in the past. Examples include; excess noise, excess traffic through the control room, lighting and ergonomics. This phase of conceptualisation takes into account the current and future requirements of the control room.

The design is completed using CAD tools, computer models and other dedicated tools for the various aspects. It usually includes electrical, architectural, civil, access control, control consoles, lighting, and 3D perspectives.

Because of the importance of a shopping mall’s control room, it is crucial the details of this space are carefully planned and implemented.