How to Ensure Safety and Security: Ergonomics and Needs Analysis

More than 500 mall robberies have taken place across the country so far this year. The majority have taken place in the major urban centres of Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Robbers are targeting cellphone and jewellery shops, making off with thousands of Rands of merchandise. There are clearly major design flaws in shopping malls which allow these brazen robbers to enter, rob shops of their contents and then leave without detection.
Hundreds of people visit their local shopping malls and stores daily. Much needs to be done to ensure these are safe and comfortable for visitors. The control room is where all security measures emanate from and these need to be of exceptional standard to begin putting an end to these incidents.
Advanced Security Control Room Conceptual Design.
What can be done
Oculus Innovations completes a thorough ergonomics and needs analysis on each new and upgrade control room ergonomics project. This process determines the value add of the implemented solution. A survey is completed of those who will be using the space, review of the existing environment and equipment, and what purpose the space is intended to serve.
By doing this it is possible to ascertain which ergonomic interventions and pieces of furniture are necessary. For the project to be effectively conceptualised, input is required from every key stakeholder in the client’s organisation.
The conceptualisation team visits the sites and completes a survey which is recorded. This is then fed into a matrix which has been developed over a period of time and provides feedback about the key areas which need to be addressed during the design period.
The upgrade of the shopping mall’s control room will be successful with input from operations personnel. Oculus also uses human factor engineering theory to assess human interface with the control system and other facilities.
The ergonomic study is performed to cover factors and processes within the control room environment. The results of the study are used to inform the conceptual design. Improved interaction of the operator and other staff with the environment is the aim of this process to improve efficiency, safety and alertness.
The next time you visit a shopping mall, look carefully at the various safety measures. This is an intentional arrangement to make shopping easier and safer for you.