Power Utility Company- Integrated Generation Control Centre

Client: Power Utility Company
Project: Integrated Generation Control Centre
Ilitha Group Company: Ilitha Project Services
Contract Type: Lump Sum Turnkey
Date of Completion: May 2009
Duration: 3 months

Project Overview and Scope

The Ilitha Scope of Work was to implement an Integrated Generation Control Centre at the client’s head office, which will be used for daily production planning (manned 24hrs), as well as serving as a disaster management / recovery control centre.  This stems from the power crisis in 2008 and this centre will form the basis for the management of such issues in future.

The aim of the room is to fulfill two principal roles - normal day-to-day production scheduling and control, system monitoring and short term (7 day) planning, as well as providing a nerve centre where senior executives can obtain an overview of the business, especially when there is a crisis.  This new Integrated Generation Control Centre is designed for fulltime manned operation, with the ability to suddenly accommodate executives for decision making at the highest level.


  • Project Design commenced October 2008
  • Design completed January 2009
  • Installation start March 2009
  • Commissioning to be completed May 2009

Project Conclusion

The IGCC centre was successfully completed within budget and within the accelerated project schedule.

The centre now serves as a continuous planning, monitoring and control centre for generation of power.  The centre has become the benchmark within the region for facilities of this kind.