Control Room & Digital Display Products

TBC designs and manufactures technical furniture systems on every level - from single operator edit desks to news control rooms, industrial control rooms - organized workspaces lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and personal performance. Call it human factor engineering, form follows function, feng-shui, or ergonomics, the basic task is the same - create an optimal interface between people and technology – and in TBC’s case specifically in the form of desks, consoles, equipment cabinetry and monitor walls.

Oculus Operational Innovations is the exclusive distributor for TBC Consoles in the African region.

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VuWall Technology develops collaborative visualization software and sells video wall controllers through a network of audio visual integrators and distributors around the world. In line with the increasing availability of Commercial off the Shelf Video Wall hardware on the market, VuWall 
Technology develops software products that make it easy for system integrators to deploy video wall
projects within the most demanding control-room environments as well as other innovative application.

Oculus Operational Innovations is the exclusive distributor for VuWall Technology in the African region.

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Oculus Innovations distributes VuWall Technology

For nearly 30 years, Innovative Office Products has been a leader in designing and manufacturing ergonomic, space-saving monitor arms and mounts for flat panel monitors, notebooks, and tablets. What began as a family-owned operation in 1986 has grown into a global company that is on cutting edge of ergonomic monitor arms, tablet mounts, POS  systems, and sit/stand solutions for major markets such as the corporate office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, government, and broadcasting. All of Innovative’s products are manufactured out of its headquarters in Easton, PA

Oculus Operational Innovations is a distributor for Innovative Office Products in the African region.

Oculus Innovations distributes Innovative Office Products

HANTAREX has developed and engineered sophisticated technology for modular monitors for digital video walls. This technology fulfils any possible need in the market, using large format video images, messages, publicity and information as the principle tool and fundamental method of communication with the public.

To satisfy all the needs, HANTAREX offers a range of products with the maximum brightness, the smallest depths, without borders caused by frame joints and without any reflection from external light sources.

Oculus Operational Innovations is a distributor for Hantarex in the African region.

Oculus Operational Innovations is a distributor for Hantarex in the African region.