I have personally seen these consoles in action. At the start of our project it was difficult to envisage how the consoles would fit into industrial 24/7 control rooms at our Power Stations as it was so different and modern to any other approach in the history of our Company - the SmartTrac did not disappoint and after the units were installed at various Power Stations, the operators were astounded at the functionality, robustness and modern look and feel it created in the control rooms.

Sonja Basson - Pr.Eng

Anyone can produce a lot of work in a short time, but to do it with professionalism and accuracy takes someone with that X factor, Xtra-ordinary. We feel privileged to work with such a professional Company with equally professional employees.

Adèl Venter (PArchT), Hydro Sebenza I'Sizwe (Pty) Ltd - Project Coordinator